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The Project Design Showcase is an event, featuring remarkable work by students from diverse academic backgrounds, including BBA, BSIT, and MBA. It's a culmination of their dedicated journeys and highlights the successful completion of their projects.

This showcase is an initiative by the Product Design team, aiming to elevate student projects and provide exposure to their innovative ideas. This event not only celebrates the students' hard work but also provides a platform for them to share their accomplishments with the wider community

Featured projectTuuntaoire

Tuuntaoire, established in 2020, is a dynamic fast fashion brand based in Kathmandu, serving customers across Nepal. Known for its commitment to meeting the everyday clothing needs of its clientele, Tuuntaoire has become synonymous with accessible and trendy fashion. With a focus on growth and expansion, the brand seeks to serve an ever-widening base of consumers. Emphasizing both style and aff...

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LUFFI, focuses on promoting environmentally friendly production using hemp and nettle cloth. The team has innovatively developed an antibacterial loofah tailored for both adults and children, offering a gentle exfoliating experience that leads to smoother skin. Prioritizing durability, the loofah...

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July 28, 2024