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Welcome to King’s College, Kathmandu!

In this lively business school, we promote Entrepreneurial Spirit through Progressive Education. Affiliated with Westcliff University, US, we offer you opportunities to add value to your life though quality education and significant real life exposure. Entrepreneurship to us is about creative experimentation that involves shaking things up, trying new ideas and challenging stereotypical norms.

Our association with Westcliff University presents us with a unique opportunity to equip you with globally relevant skills that suit evolving and ever-changing needs of the businesses and society of Nepal. The aim is to create a future-ready generation of professionals instrumental to take the country forward.

Both our BBA and MBA programs are unique and I encourage you to go through our website to know more on the cutting-edge courses that we offer. You can visit our campus and talk to our counselors as a part of your admission decision.


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Inspired by the teaching & learning philosophy practiced at Oamk LABs, Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland, TeachLAB can inspire teachers to gain enough creative confidence so that they can be innovators – inside and outside the classrooms.

The program will be held from February 15th to February 17th at King’s College. For more, follow this link.

NEF Conference 2018

In a highly globalized world, Nepal too has become an integral part of worldwide evidence-based debates and discussions on entrepreneurship. The interest among government institutions, private stakeholders, BFIs and business startups is also heightening in the recent decade. To nurture and also support these developments, King’s College has started offering business courses in entrepreneurship since 2012. Currently, the college offers business and entrepreneurship courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, to share college’s research works with concerned stakeholders, students, partners, and the general public; the college has been organizing an annual conference focusing on themes related to entrepreneurship and economic development of Nepal.

To continue this tradition, Nepal Entrepreneurship Forum at King’s College organized the three-day conference on Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Federal Nepal in Dhanghadi. The conference helped us explore and understand many pertinent issues on entrepreneurial ecosystem in far western region of Nepal.


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