We believe real learning happens when you get your hands dirty.
It’s not only about classrooms, books, or examinations,
but it’s also about understanding
the real life problems and finding innovative solutions.
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Message from the President

narottam aryal

Welcome to King’s College, Kathmandu!

In this lively business school, we promote Entrepreneurial Spirit through Progressive Education. Affiliated with Westcliff University, US, we offer you opportunities to add value to your life through quality education and significant real-life exposure. Entrepreneurship to us is about creative experimentation that involves shaking things up, trying new ideas and challenging stereotypical norms.

Our association with Westcliff University presents us with a unique opportunity to equip you with globally relevant skills that suit the evolving and ever-changing needs of the businesses and society of Nepal. The aim is to create a future-ready generation of professionals instrumental to take the country forward.

Both our BBA and MBA programs are unique and I encourage you to go through our website to know more on the cutting-edge courses that we offer. You can visit our campus and talk to our counsellors as a part of your admission decision.


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MBA & BBA Classes Go Online for Now

Despite all the challenges of COVID-19, including the lockdown, and the numerous struggles intertwined with it, we continued to believe that we learn from the adversities and grow stronger.

Our classes ran online during the period of crisis, throughout the lockdown and would continue to do so until the situation gets quite normal for us to resume our on-site learning activities.

We are determined to offer the core elements of our ‘King’s-flavored’ classes even online. We are always on our toes, to make our online classes equally engaging and fun. Besides regular classes, our other activities and events were also conducted online during the lockdown period.

We did not cease to work or learn, regardless of the challenges. We invite you too to be a part of this exciting journey, if you are not yet.

Fun, engaging, challenging learning – no matter where we may be!

To join our MBA & BBA classes, contact us here.

The 'King's College Online' Initiative

Along with our MBA and BBA programs, we are excited to announce that we are introducing our online learning platform – King’s College Online.

Through this platform, the engaging and challenging classes at King’s College are now available to learners across boundaries. It connects the learners with the pool of expert facilitators, professionals and entrepreneurs, from Nepal and abroad. This connection would help in enhancing their knowledge and skills, through live engaging classes and direct interaction with the facilitators.

The certified courses are designed as per the current context and are updated gradually with changing time, and needs of Nepali learners. Students (who are already enrolled in any degree-program or waiting for their results), working professionals, and entrepreneurs are welcome to explore the courses.



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