We believe real learning happens when you get your hands dirty.
It’s not only about classrooms, books, or examinations,
but it’s also about understanding the real life problems and finding innovative solutions.







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Welcome to King’s College, Kathmandu!

In this lively business school, we promote Entrepreneurial Spirit through Progressive Education. Affiliated with Westcliff University, US, we offer you opportunities to add value to your life though quality education and significant real life exposure. Entrepreneurship to us is about creative experimentation that involves shaking things up, trying new ideas and challenging stereotypical norms.

Our association with Westcliff University presents us with a unique opportunity to equip you with globally relevant skills that suit evolving and ever-changing needs of the businesses and society of Nepal. The aim is to create a future-ready generation of professionals instrumental to take the country forward.

Both our BBA and MBA programs are unique and I encourage you to go through our website to know more on the cutting-edge courses that we offer. You can visit our campus and talk to our counselors as a part of your admission decision.


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Executive Education Center at King’s College aims to empower executives to unlearn, learn, and relearn – and to help them grow as leaders in their organizations.

Latest Training Program

The need for managing REPUTATION now is more than ever. Intangible yet fundamental, slow to build yet easy to lose – these characteristics of REPUTATION point at the care and caution one needs to take while managing it. With the fierce power of Digital Media, REPUTATION earned over years can be lost in an instant.

This REPUTATION MANAGEMENT workshop covered:

  • Key concepts that you need to know to lead your organization’s internal and external communications strategy.
  • End-to-end process of strategic thinking to the practical implementation of your communications initiatives.


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Featured Alumni

Having attended various programs through different organizations, Rasana had an opportunity to understand the differences between rural and urban Nepal. Rasana notes that resources from rural Nepal can cater to the needs of Urban communities. On the other hand, technology, expertise and financial capability of the urban people never make it to the rural community. There is a need to bridge this gap for creating a path to more prosperous Nepal.

“Nepal and Nepalese people have been bestowed with array natural gifts”, she adds, “our ancestors have passed down many traditional ways to make utilization of those gifts. Today, Science and technology has provided us with even better tools to make the optimum utilization of all that natural and traditional marvels.” Rasana dreams of combining Nature, Science and Tradition to offer the best solutions through Nuga:.

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