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Welcome to King's College, a leading institution of higher education in Nepal, dedicated to providing students with a transformative learning experience.

Message from the president

Thank you so much for considering King's College for your further studies. We wholeheartedly welcome you to our family of passionate educators and innovative students. King's College essentially offers you a platform. This platform provides a safe learning environment where you can explore, experiment, and make mistakes without hesitation or judgment. It is a place for a diverse group of individuals, from artists to sportspeople, researchers to entrepreneurs. We believe in learning from each other in a diverse setting and hence value unique identities and values over a one-size-fits-all approach. Our academic philosophy is rooted in the intersection of entrepreneurship, community, and technology.

We believe that Nepal is blessed with endless possibilities, given our communities’ rich heritage, natural resources, and human capital. Our entrepreneurial education aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among students while equipping them with the latest technological skills. By leveraging our youth, we can serve as a catalyst for change, creating inclusive and equitable economic development in Nepal.
- Narottam Aryal


Within our walls and beyond, our mission is to passionately nurture an entrepreneurial spirit, instilling in our students not just knowledge but a transformative way of thinking.

Our focus lies in the meaningful difference we make through academic excellence and holistic development. We aspire to lead educational advancements with a deep-rooted dedication to shaping future leaders.


To be a catalyst for societal transformation through entrepreneurship. As we diligently strive to achieve this vision, our mission remains grounded in nurturing entrepreneurial minds, capable and eager to harness Nepal's abundant, yet untapped, resources.

We firmly believe education is a shared responsibility, a public asset, and thus we hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve. Our educational philosophy, driven by progressiveness, revolves around the ‘Community as Curriculum’ approach, placing the needs and aspirations of our community at the heart of what we teach.


We provide quality higher education, with a focus on entrepreneurship, as a vital social initiative. Collaboratively engaging with our community, we aim to drive positive change and contribute to the greater good. We hold ourselves accountable, collaborate with humility, empower with grace, innovate with joy, and above all, uphold firm integrity.

Join us on this humble journey of shaping a brighter future for our society, where education is an agent of hope and transformation.


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King's Centers are at the heart of our learning and socializing experience.

Unveil the initiatives of King's College where students and faculty can enhance their learning, nurture their growth and explore breakthroughs through its independently functioning centers.
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Narottam Aryal photo
Narottam Aryal
President - Chair
Bikram Prajapati photo
Bikram Prajapati
Vice-principal- Member
Raj Poudel photo
Raj Poudel
Director-Operation- Member
Chittaranjan Pandey photo
Chittaranjan Pandey
Head-CERAD - Member
Medha Shrestha photo
Medha Shrestha
HR Associate- Member Secretary
Sumira Shrestha photo
Sumira Shrestha
Head-Career Services - Member
Udgum Khadka photo
Udgum Khadka
Head-International Collaboration and Innovation- Member
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