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Immerse yourself in our community through curated programs, clubs, and exciting events. Experience a holistic environment that propels you towards your highest potential.
Student Testimonial
King's College's MBA in Tech and Innovation was a game-changer. Delving into the world of data, I honed skills in analysis and trend visualization, realizing its pivotal role in shaping successful businesses today. Beyond the core subjects, diverse modules expanded my knowledge across law, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, providing a holistic business perspective essential for navigating the modern landscape.

Now, let's talk about the socialization trip—it was a blast! Picture this: laughter, impromptu late-night jam with friends, kayaking, and an unforgettable plunge into the Begnas lake at Pokhara. Those moments were pure bliss.

My MBA journey? More than hitting the books; it was this awesome adventure that shaped my brain and sparked a love for constant learning.

Sushant Suwal


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