November 22, 2023

Pawsome is an innovative online platform designed for pet owners, offering a comprehensive range of pet products and services, including expert veterinary care. Dedicated to creating a hassle-free and intuitive user experience, Pawsome provides convenient access to premium pet products and services. This platform stands out by enabling direct connections with veterinary professionals who have expertise in various fields. 


As a rich resource for pet care information, Pawsome educates and informs pet owners about various aspects of pet care. Targeting pet owners seeking a one-stop shop for their pet needs, Pawsome simplifies the process of purchasing quality pet products and accessing professional veterinary advice. The website offers multiple benefits such as convenience, a wide variety of products, valuable pet care information, high-quality service, and cost savings. The user journey on Pawsome is smooth and efficient. It includes browsing through well-organized product categories, selecting items, adding them to a shopping cart, and completing purchases with a secure payment system. Furthermore, the platform facilitates easy connections with veterinary doctors for professional advice and services.




Team Members: Dipanshu Kakshapati, Alex Legal, Subhashish Pant


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