Session on CV Writing and Recruitment

November 26, 2023

Session on CV Writing and Recruitment

Organizedby SocialClub

The CV (Curriculum Vitae) Session held on May 16th, 2023 at King's College aimed to equip college students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective and professional CVs. The session was organized by King's Social Club in collaboration with Intern Nepal - Recruit Nepal and brought together students from various academic disciplines. The events primary objective was to assist students in crafting compelling CVs that would enhance their employability and showcase their skills and achievements.

The Event enlightened the students on the importance of a CV if they are planning to approach a job vacancy. The team from Inter Nepal also provided brief information about how their organization can help students to find internships of their choice as they worked with various companies. This event allowed students to engage and communicate with professionals equipped with CV writing and recruitment. They helped the participants with strategies to ace their CV writing, speaking, interview, and review skills.


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