Children's In Tech

November 24, 2023

Childern's In Tech


Organized by Tech Club 


In this event, our main motive was to make students familiar with computer applications. So, the first week focused on teaching the basic of keyboards and mouse. In this week, students were taught how to use mouse and keyboard using typeshala. In the second week, the students were taught about Basic of Microsoft Word and how documentation are prepared. In addition, we also taught about basic operation such as how to download pictures from internet, to copy and paste text from internet and how to select paragraph which will be helpful for students in the coming days.  In the third week, we taught basic functions of Microsoft Excel and how basic mathematical operations are performed using Microsoft Excel. In this week, we taught students how to create basic marksheet using Microsoft Excel. In last week, we taught basic of PowerPoint and how to create new slides, design slides and insert pictures in PowerPoint. In this, we gave the project to create basic slides describing themselves. 

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