Blood Donation Program

November 26, 2023

Blood Donation Program

Organized by Social Club

On the 14th of June, the Social Club successfully conducted a blood donation program in partnership with the National Sport Council-Nepal, Nepal Red Cross Society, and Way of Living Rehabilitation Center. The event was held on the occasion of world blood donor day at Dashrat Rangashala. We had total 70 people who actively participated in the donation. Along with the help of our volunteers and Kings Club's support we were able to successfully conduct the program. We also had media coverage for the event.

The event was conducted and organized by King's Social Club with support from the National Sport Council and Way of Living Rehabilitation Center in collaboration with Nepal Red Cross  Society. The Event was held in the premises of National Stadium (Dasharath Rangasala), Tirpureshowr. The event was also covered by the media house of Mountain Television. The event was overwhelmed by the mass number of donations from the student body of king’s college, players and staff of Dasharath Rangasala, and local community.

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