King's Departments

Department of Tech & Innovation (DTI)

The Department of Tech & Innovation (DTI) at King's College is dedicated to driving advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Our comprehensive approach focuses on four key verticals that propel us toward excellence in education, research, outreach, and community building. Currently, CTI manages the process of disseminating AI education programs in collaboration with NAAMII (NepAl Applied Mathematics and Informatics Institute for Research).


Our primary emphasis is on nurturing a sense of community among individuals sharing a passion for technology and innovation. DTI goes beyond education to delve into research - notably in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Mental Health, and AI, contributing valuable insights through impactful research papers. Additionally, the center plays a pivotal role in propelling the college into a tech-enabled future by providing internal professional and capacity development programs to support the integration of technology across various college facets. Overall, DTI stands as a hub for education, research, and advancement, fueling innovation and tech-driven growth within King's College and the broader community.


Center for Innovative Pedagogy and Learning (CIPL)

The Center for Innovative Pedagogy and Learning (CIPL) is an initiative to promote innovative pedagogy and effective teaching practices at King’s College. The center aims to empower and support faculty members in their pursuit of effective teaching, course design, and student learning. CIPL provides a collaborative and engaging learning environment where faculty members can learn, share their knowledge, skills, experiences, and ideas, and collaborate with each other to develop and enhance their teaching practices.

Finance & Investment Hub

The Finance & Investment Hub will serve as a hub for students interested in finance and investment. It offers valuable resources, research opportunities, and a collaborative environment for enhancing their knowledge and skills in these areas. The center will be primarily student-run, with support and facilitation from a finance faculty member. This approach will foster student leadership and critical thinking. The center will conduct in-depth analyses of the stock market, personal finance, company valuation for entrepreneurs, and other various investment markets.

Innovation Kitchen

The Innovation Kitchen operates on a three-fold journey, guiding students through the exciting stages of concept creation, product development, and venture creation. It's a unique space where ideas are not only born but are also nurtured into tangible projects. In the concept creation phase, students brainstorm and refine their innovative ideas, exploring the possibilities. Moving into product creation, the Innovation Kitchen provides the tools and expertise to bring these ideas to life, allowing students to prototype and test their creations. Finally, in the venture creation phase, the focus shifts to turning these projects into viable business ventures. Through workshops, mentorship, and a supportive environment, the Innovation Kitchen is not just a space; it's a pathway for students to embark on a journey of innovation and entrepreneurship, from the initial spark of an idea to the exciting realization of a successful venture.

King's Academic Team

Our academic team is like your trusted guide throughout your learning journey. They help you choose the right courses, navigate career options, and tackle any academic challenges. With innovative and interactive teaching, they make sure classes are engaging and understandable. Whether it's one-on-one advice, group projects, or extra help through tutoring, the team is there for you. They're not just educators; they're mentors who want to see you succeed. By providing feedback and support, they help you grow and build the skills you need for the future. In a nutshell, the academic team is your go-to support system, making sure you have everything you need to thrive in your academic adventure.

King's Admission and Outreach

Admission and Outreach work hand in hand to welcome new students to our educational community. Outreach involves reaching out to different schools and events to let people know about the opportunities we offer. The admission team then helps interested individuals through the application process, answering questions and providing guidance. Together, they make sure that everyone who wants to be part of our academic community has the information and support they need to start their educational journey with us. It's like opening the door and helping people step into the exciting world of learning at our institution.

Office of Safe and Respectable Learning (OSRL)

The Office of Safe and Respectable Learning (OSRL) was established with a vision to prevent harassment and discrimination, and to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice at King’s College, thereby, creating a safe and respectable learning space for all students, staff and faculty members. OSRL is dedicated to creating a campus culture where our members can pursue their academic, professional, and social activities without fear and intimidation, and with dignity and respect.

Professional Development Department

King’s College Professional Development and Career Services Department is dedicated to designing and offering comprehensive support, resources and guidance to help students build on their careers and develop their professional self. Our team is committed to empowering students with market relevant skills and competencies. We work on bridging the gap between students’ academic pursuits and professional aspirations. 

The department functions as a liaison between organizations and students, in terms of career opportunities or collaborative engagements. Our team has a dedicated support system for students to develop their professional self through specialized courses, projects, opportunities, industry experience and related programs that complement academic learning.  

What do we offer?

  • Career Counseling
  • Resume Review, Interview Preparation and Application Support
  • Employer Partnerships
  • Undergraduate Consulting Project
  • Professional Development Workshops/ Events
  • Modules for Grad and Undergrad Programs
  • Undergraduate Consulting Project
  • Industry Experience

·       Internship

·       Placements

  • Career Service Portal for Job Vacancies, Online Resources, Online Job Role Trainings and Skill Assessment Tools
  • Guest Speaker Series
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Volunteering Opportunities, Company Profile Sharing Sessions, Interaction Sessions and more.

Visit us at King’s College, 1st Floor. Reach out to us at or Whatsapp (9843205965) to engage with our team and explore diverse career opportunities.

Student Experience Center (SEC)

The Student Experience Center is like your one-stop hub for making the most out of your college journey. It's not just about classes; it's about everything that makes your time here memorable and fulfilling. From helping you discover extracurricular activities and internships to organizing fun events and connecting you with resources, the center is here to enhance your overall student experience. Whether you need advice on balancing your schedule, want to join a club, or simply seek a friendly face for support, the Student Experience Center has got your back. They're like the heart of campus life, ensuring that your college days are not just academically enriching but also full of great moments and personal growth.