King's Workshops & Bootcamp

Free Web Design and Development Bootcamp

What will you learn/do?

  1. Introduction to Web Design
  2. Front-end and back-end technologies
  3. HTML, CSS, Basics of Python Programming
  4. Introduction to JavaScript
  5. How does Backend work?
  6. Django Framework and Frontend Integration
  7. Database, ORM, and Modeling a System
  8. Complete a System
  9. Demonstration of a simple Project
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Sanil Manandhar

Sanil Manandhar has completed his Bachelor’s of Computer Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College. Currently working as a Software Engineer at Young Innovations Pvt Ltd (YIPL), he is involved in projects such as AidStream and IATI Publisher. He specializes in web development, especially in the backend side of web development.

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