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Unlearn Conference 2018

UNLEARN CONFERENCE aims to provide a unique platform for university level (bachelors and masters) students from all over Nepal to learn, unlearn, and relearn. The aim is to eventually evolve this event into an international conference by the students for the students.
National Speaking Championship Banner
After holding two episodes of Unlearn Mini Conference, we’re organizing a full day conference which will have one keynote speech, 9 presentations, and 3 workshops. The event will also hold the finale of National Speaking Championship 2018.
Unlike traditional conferences where presenters present their research based papers, Unlearn Conference welcomes students to present their semi-researched works*. And in doing so, students, presenters, and participants hopefully learn, unlearn, and relearn. The conference also aims to make students aware of the importance of taking part in conferences, building network, and essentially getting out of the four walls of the classrooms.
Theme of the conference: Unlearning Communication
Keynote Speech: Zaffar Naik, CEO at First Avocado

  1. Winning Your Sponsorship Deal by Kushal Karmacharya (SP Events and Advertising)
  2.  Unlearning Communication the HR way by Rajiv Sharma (Jobs Dynamics)
  3. The Four sided Communication by Empowerment Academy


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