United States Youth Council Experience: An Interview with Saswat Karki

Saswat Karki, a determined, motivated, passionate and responsible student, is pursuing his bachelor’s in business administration at King’s College. An ‘International Young Achiever’ of 2015, Saswat is an achievement oriented young lad. He describes that this success has helped him grow as a person to seek numerous opportunities. Since being awarded, he has been invited as a guest speaker in many programs and has attended different youth-focused events.
At such young age, Saswat is exploring his potentials by seeking more challenges and at the same time, this is making him more competitive. His combative attitude has recently landed him another success. He was selected in a 50-candidate team of United States Embassy Youth Council for 2017-18.
Last weekend, we sat down with Saswat to discuss in detail about his recent experiences and achievements of his time at the US Youth Council program. Here’s a full interview:
Can you share, in brief, about the program?
I felt lucky to be one of the members for this year United States Embassy Youth Council. There were 1740+ applicants, and I was glad to be a part of 50 final candidates. 50 youths from diverse backgrounds have been chosen from across the country. The objective of this inclusion is to provide a platform for youths like us where we could send message to the U.S Embassy about the challenges young people are facing in several societal areas. The candidates have also been chosen to make contribution to their respective community regarding effective planning, possibility, and implementation.
Why did you wanted to be a part of the U.S. Embassy Youth Council?
I really wanted to be a part of the U.S. Embassy Youth Council as it is a prestigious platform designed for hardworking, ambitious youth, and for the youths who’ve been doing exceptionally well in their fields. The youth council and former council members encourage youths across the country to take part in different programs whether it be trainings, seminars, conferences, personality development, and so on. In order to develop and gather collective ideas from brilliant minds and to build strong networking, I believe it is a biggest platform for youngsters.
What were your expectations from joining the youth council?
My expectations from this program were to develop my horizon, perception, opportunities, build strong networking, and to grow together as one.
Did you achieve goals/objectives which you intended for?
My pre-goals and objectives are being attained in fruitful ways. Ever since my time at youth council, I’ve been getting platforms to showcase my potentials, build up my networks, and have been able to analyze different contexts in holistic way.
How is your life different now if you had to compare it with before, when you joined the council?
Undoubtedly, I believe this platform has been encouraging me to cross the line in a better way. Also, it has taught me to create my own box and never try to be like anybody or never copy, and walk in other’s path. Life would obviously be different and rewarding, when you get a platform to make friends who have been doing exceptionally amazing in their respective fields, and what more, when you get to learn, share, and grow every day. I’ve started to get intrinsically motivated.
Do you have any message to spare to youths out there who are looking for a similar platform?
To all the youngsters out there, I would like to say that, you are responsible to push yourself forward to reach your target. Nowadays several platforms and opportunities are available, nevertheless, they must identify an objective of the program, their self-interests, determination, and willingness to achieve their dreams. Lastly, what I would like to say is, “Never Lose Hope”. Change is possible and of course, it’s practicable.


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