tihar bahar 2021 organized by King's Club

Tihar Bahar by King’s Club

“We had fun didn’t we?” 

As our chests were warm from the comfort having our sight set on the lights. The concrete basketball court had been decorated with historic mandalas; passion for some, love for some. But for many; Tihar Bahar was about the connections that were not lost. The ropes that held and tied our knots together. Even the sharpest of knife could not cut through the rough brute ropes which has stuck with us until the end. 

New chance to meet. Kept in our rooms for many months, now, we were making mandalas on the concrete. Head held high, seeing the fairy-lights and the decorations worked hard by the team. Clicking pictures of the scene. Our performers with puffed chests and beautiful voices singing like kings. 

Teachers and students deusi bhailo battle. Memories were not created; they were made. Heating our backs in the chilly night near the bon fire. Discussing and whispering stories in the ears. Even those mundane stories felt like they shined bright…even the seconds that we spend with each other felt like time had not passed by. 

Smiles. Connections. Mandala styles. Celebration. 

“We had fun didn’t we?” 

“We did.” 


Tihar Bahar was about the networks, excitement and interaction. The event made us see old and new faces, with glee suspended expression; fun to see people smiling. Fun to see people interacting. We sang, we made mandalas, connected with familiar faces and might even saw new ones. We kept our head held high as we rubbed our hands for a bit of warmth. And the flames from the bonfire heating our backs, asking each other about the projects we are currently working on. Smiling because it was that fun. We had fun, didn’t we? Under the Tihar fairy lights, hung by the King’s Club team. The event was a blast because it made us think, see but most of us…

…this event made us believe.