The Science of Targeting

By the Idea Jar team

Creating a group audience and targeting them is one of the basics and foundations of the digital marketing pyramid. Through this, one can understand which group of the audience is more fascinated toward their brand.

But we often are driven by the idea of wanting to target everyone, we lose the essence of targeting the right audience.

Many times people often state that they don’t need targeting because they are so sure that everyone will love their product or services. But just imagine that you have a fast-food restaurant, where you sell Momo. Now obviously everyone loves to eat, mostly Momo. But do you think everyone eats non-veg items, or everyone can afford your burger, or everyone is from the same locality your fast-food restaurant is? So, numerous similar factors can help you figure out your targeted audience. So why bother to spend your time, money, and energy on the people who have the least chance to purchase the Momos you are selling.

So, the number one rule of targeting is to figure out the relevant group of people and invest in only the people who are your potential customers, not the entire world.

Now we know who and why to target, now let’s dip deep on where to target. Because we know the multiple platforms in digital marketing and choosing a few among many could be a huge deal.

So, for the most part, creating an audience persona after figuring out our targeted audience is very crucial which leads us toward age group, gender, qualification, behaviors, interest, and other general background checks. Through this, we can analyze which digital platform could be better. Let’s say if we are targeting something aesthetic, like crystal rings for females of age group 19-26. So, targeting these people on Pinterest or Instagram could work as a bit better option than other platforms. So, creating a persona is another rule to understand which digital platform you can target. With that insight, you can work with organic, or even paid target campaigns. 

Be relevant and create relevancy through exploration of target marketing in digital marketing.


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