teachLABTeachers are the key designers of the learning experience and they do it by finding innovative ways of teaching, understanding how learning happens; by managing classroom dynamics effectively, assessing student-learning; and by finding solutions to emerging problems faced by students, teachers, institutions, parents, and communities.

Thus, to do so, the challenges teachers face are complex, and the expectations others put on them are huge. In this context, they must develop the capacity to innovate: to find new frameworks, new ideas, new methods and new approaches to overcome the challenges and solve the problems.

Inspired by the teaching & learning philosophy practiced at Oamk LABs, Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland, TeachLAB is designed to inspire teachers to gain enough creative confidence so that they can be innovators – inside and outside the classrooms.

Focusing deeply on an inductive & iterative process of learning, this approach helps teachers put the students at the centre of the learning experience. Going through this process, teachers would be able to question and challenge current approaches, assumptions and methods.

During the three days program (Feb 15 – Feb 17), teachers from different streams and teachers want to be, will immerse themselves into problem identification & solution design process.

For registration, bit.ly/teachlab

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teachlab activity
Participant building a prototype. A 5-day BUCSBIN project, June 18, 2018.
Day One


Day Two


Day Three