Starting a digital marketing firm

By Pravin Adhikari
Alumni – MBA

If you know Pravin, you probably know him for his travel pictures on Instagram. Between all the travel adventures and his day job, he has also established and run a digital marketing business for a good while now. We asked him how his experience has been as a digital marketing professional and an entrepreneur.

My prior experience in the digital marketing and branding field made me visualize how marketing and branding will change over the years. Keeping a vision of working with companies and making sure to present them beautifully in the digital world, later, became my goal. Growing up seeing the battle between international brands and their competitors, learning their marketing perspective always made me crave why they didn’t have one of those competitions going around here. The boring ads, the typical Buhari ads made me question and want to seek the opportunity of digital branding and marketing here. 

We started small, with 3 people working in a different location. We grew slowly but peacefully; giving quality content and building a good personal relationship. We started with a few people, from our contact list. However, previously working in a startup to a big corporate company, my experience there made me embrace my skills in managing the hierarchy of the company. However, all the experience, failure, growth, pushover, and most importantly fertile land of digital marketing made me worship all my walkthrough. 

Though our agency had no different services than what other agencies have been offering, our way of servicing has always been one of the USPs that makes us unique in why our client chooses us. And that is building a personal relationship. As we believe that we are not just a service-oriented company, but a wing in the company. So, by understanding the company’s core values, the principles, we build the brand and work on the strategy to lead the brand value and portray it in the digital world. This is why till today all the clients that we have, are mostly from referrals. And even after the advancement of digitalization, word of mouth marketing has topped the list. And today we can run with a good digital marketing strategy for our national and international clients. But even when we aren’t satisfied sometimes, we try to sit with an internal team of the company, discuss the issue, understand their vision, and imprint our thought process and rework it. The consistency in redoing and reanalyzing the scenario is also what has made us manage a lot of organizational procedures better.


– Intermission –


However, when the 1st wave of covid hit us and the pandemic had to shut down all the businesses, we were scared as with all businesses shutting down, so had their marketing budget. But after a few months, the market took a big U-turn in the digital marketing field. As we were skipping on human interaction, online shopping became the most preferable option. People started looking out for resources online. So businesses started to become conscious about selling online. Now they had to not just position themselves but also had to position their product and services and list at the top of the choice. So, as we were losing many clients but on the good side, the market was starting to understand what future marketing looks like. Therefore, as our many clients left us, many new businesses signed for us as well.  

With all of these externalities and internalities that we faced, one thing that was common and made us reach where we are today is the togetherness of one another. All our team worked on building and learning, which is what made us reach and do something new, creative, and better every day. And I am sure with this creative and energetic environment we have; we will surely achieve more wonders. 


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