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Featured Alumni – Nov 2022 – Biplav Shrestha

Digital Marketing Executive – Renegade Insurance

A school you have to climb miles and miles of a hill for, a classroom not with walls surrounding you but the big, tall trees, students as eager to learn as they are anxious. Teaching somewhere in the middle of nowhere is not a joke. In fact, teaching in itself is not a joke. Our featured alumni of the month have been there, done that. 

A former fellow and fundraising officer at Teach for Nepal, Nawang Sherpa has also been a former consultant at DSV Advisors. Currently, Nawang is a project manager at Upaya: City Cargo and a professor here at King’s. When we say we love our students and want them to be an acting part of King’s even after graduation, we really mean it. 

When talking about his journey with Teach for Nepal, King’s College, Upaya: City Cargo, and education in general, he was quick to mention how he chose to study A-levels only to avoid learning Nepal. Honestly, most of us have been there. 

Nawang believes in letting things flow. He says that if you believe in a cause, everything becomes easier to work with and work for. 

– Nawang Sherpa

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Photos of Student during their Sajha Yatayat Project

On a ride with Sajha

“साझा बसमा जो पनि चढ्दछ” was a popular Nepali song in the 90’s that depicted

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This month's assignment playlist

This month’s playlist has something for everyone – from Polyphia to Taylor Swift to tackle the emotional roller coaster that is doing assignments. Of course, this month’s playlist creator – Suzzeet (MBA Entrepreneurship alumni) – having been a part of Nepal’s music scene adds some of the best home grown Nepali artists as well.

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