Sushant Rijal

Sushant Rijal

Head, King’s Incubator/ Coordinator, MBA Entrepreneurship / Member, OSRL


Essentials of Entrepreneurship ( BBA) and Applied Method Capstone ( MBA)

Sushant Rijal is the Head of King’s Incubator (and Yunus Social Business, King’s College) and Program Coordinator of MBA Entrepreneurship Program. He is social entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship and Innovation enthusiast and is working on training, developing, mentoring, coaching and researching in this sector. He holds a degree in MBA in Entrepreneurship and PGD in Counseling Psychology. Sushant has 10 years of experience empowering, counseling and working with entrepreneurs, youths & children. He also worked as the chartered cohort of Teach for Nepal (2013-15) and is the recipient of Millennium Scholar Fellow 2021 ( Society of Transnational Academic Researchers Scholars, US), Professional Fellow 2019 (University of Oklahoma and US Department of States) and Global Youth Ambassador 2014-16 (A World at School initiative, UK) and actively advocated on quality education. Sushant has a special interest (and wants to collaborate and co-create) in the field of entrepreneurship, teaching, counseling and research.

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