Rajib Subba

Dr. Rajib Subba

Dr. Rajib Subba received his Ph.D. from University of Hawaii at Manoa. At King’s College Dr. Subba teaches Organizational Leadership and Management Information System. In addition, as a Visiting Associate Professor, he teaches at University of Agder, Norway. Dr. Subba brings more than twenty years of professional experience in Police communication and information technology. He conducts interdisciplinary research that investigates interplay between physical-virtual world particularly focused to online convergence behaviors, new media, crisis management and cybersecurity. His international experience includes United Nations Mission in Kosovo, Shidler College of Business and ITC/UNTAD-Geneva. His significant training portfolio includes APCSS-Hawaii, US Naval Post Graduate School, US Army Pacific Command, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone – Japan, and First Research Institute – China.

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