Featured alumni – Prajwol Ratna Tamrakar

Prajwol Ratna Tamrakar

Senior Business Performance Manager – Sastodeal

“In God we trust, all others must bring data” – Our Featured Alumnus for this month – Prajwol Tamrakar is a firm believer of this quote and his belief that data should always lead a business strategy rather than opinions. He currently works as a Senior Business Performance Manager at Sastodeal and has around 4 years experience in Nepali e-commerce. He has also worked closely with Indian e-commerce giants such as Flipkart & Myntra to deploy a sustainable Go to Market in Nepal. He loves working as a business-performance consultant for e-commerce startups and believes that a collaborative effort is a must for industry growth.

With his strong consideration of data as the ultimate tool for business success, Prajwol had also worked at Srothcode previously, which is a promising IT company providing mobile games development. Prajwol is a passionate marketer who believes in e-commerce as the future of the Nepalese market.

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