Featured alumni – Nigin Sapkota

Nigin Sapkota

Enthralled by the process of transformation of a building from mere hard core structure to a liveable space, after completing her high-school, Nigin opted to pursue Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch) from Kathmandu Engineering College (Tribhuvan University). In 2013, while pursuing B.Arch., with a keen fixation towards combining her interests with her passion, and a vision to design creative and sustainable spaces, she started her own venture – Sapkota & Associates (SA).

Embodying ‘persistency is the key to achieving your dreams’ as her life’s anthem, she completed the 5 years of Bachelor’s program with full scholarship and even bagged the best thesis award in 2014 from NEPAL-Institute of Engineering, for the project-Planet Exploratorium (Exploratory Science Museum).

Soon after graduation, she worked as the Lead Architect for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project and continued the tenure after the 2015 earthquake, to contribute to post-earthquake projects in Sindhupalchok.

As an aspiring architect, she was blessed with an opportunity to be trained by leading architects like Ar. Narendra Pradhan and later on represented the Nepalese team as a Lead Architect for British Embassy renovation project undertaken by GA Builders in 2016.

Inspired by her idol architect Zaha Hadid’s quote- “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?”, she too did not wish to stick to one spectrum. Thus, pursuing  her interest in Vedic Sciences, she also started working as a certified Vastu Consultant. Sapkota & Associates (SA), which was started as an architectural firm, is now also the creator of a plethora of sustainable and vastu compliant design feats which include retreats, resorts, corporate offices and blissful abodes.

Academically speaking, the successful professional experience nudged her towards a more business-oriented perception. So, to improve her managerial qualities, she got enrolled into the MBA(Entrepreneurship) program at King’s College. The exposure to information and insights that she gained from the same helped her take her business to new heights and add more perspective to it.

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