Featured alumni – Karuna Pudasaini

Karuna Pudasaini

Marketing Manager – MV Dugar Group in Vepa/Aprilla division

Accepting and adapting to the changes that the world has to offer and continuing to innovate where there is a non-stop creation of unique and creative ideas is very important. Believing in this particular theory in life, our featured Alumni of the month is one of a kind, meticulous, and passionate in everything she does, Karuna Pudasaini.

Starting from F1soft International as a marketing officer, currently, Karuna has been working with MV Dugar Group in Vepa/Aprilla division as a Marketing manager for the past 7 years. The passion for learning and experimenting with new things and her love for football led Karuna to the path of co-founding MUFC Nepal Girls Futsal Club that aims to provide a platform for girls to train and play. Being a football player herself, Karuna has not just scored goals in the football field but also scored relief and a sanctuary in the heart of many with the Hidden Life Foundation.

As a co-founder of Hidden Life Foundation, Karuna has been able to help people with critical economic conditions and people who are wrongfully put into prison with the bail money. Hidden Life Foundation is one of the first social organizations in Nepal that is helping and supporting to rehabilitate the prisoners and make them a respected member of the society again.

For our Alumni, hard work and humbleness always goes hand in hand.

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