Featured alumni – Veennee Shakya

Veennee Shakya

Veennee Shakya, an MBA Graduate of King’s College, currently serves as a Business Growth Executive. She has been developing the Annual Training Calendar for BFIN for the last two years. Currently, she is engaged in launching an Annual Journal of BFIN which will be launched on the 14th of August 2020 which includes 15 Research Articles from National and International Researchers in the areas of economic, banking, governance, insurance, microfinance, information technology, and HR development. She has been planning to re-launch the ‘Leadership Development Program for Senior Executives in Financial Institutions’ November/December in collaboration with Westcliff University, USA.

She has been working on the Learning Management System to boost the e-learning system of Nepal for the BFI sector and also has undertaken the Job Portal launched by BFIN since last year (www.bfinjobs.com). She manages all the graphic presentations of BFIN which includes websites, conferences, training programs, webinars, e-publications/journals, and more.

She was awarded by the Hong Kong Management Association for coordinating the training course conducted in Hong Kong in March 2019.

She has a wide experience over 9 years working in private and public organizations as an Administration Head.

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