Featured alumni – Ujjwal Poudel

Ujjwal Poudel

Ujjwal Poudel is the Co-founder and Business Development Head of Jobssniper Pvt. Ltd. which is a recruitment agency that works specifically in the areas of Human Resource Management, training, and consulting. Being engaged in the field of Human Resource Management for more than 4 years, he has liaised with more than 500 companies (banks, I/NGOs, corporate houses, including automobile and pharmaceutical companies, colleges, consultancies, and hotels). During his years of experience at
Jobs Dynamics as a Corporate Liasion Officer, he interviewed more than 5000 job applicants through telephone, Skype, and personal interviews). In the recruitment domain, he has been able to source candidates to fulfill all the different types of vacancies ranging from entry-level to headhunting through personal connections and social media.
Likewise, he also has a great interest in the field of marketing which led him to pursue an MBA in Marketing at King’s College. He started his career early from the domain of marketing at the MARS advertising agency and has been engaged in the marketing of various companies for all these years. He is extremely dedicated to his profession and is always willing to learn as well as grow further in the future. Besides his busy working schedules, he is a food and travel enthusiast, reads books and plays Futsal.

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