Featured alumni – Pragya Khanal

Pragya Khanal

Sales and Marketing Manager – Ramada Encore by Wyndham

Mastering the art of finding balance between being calm and being assertive, our alumnus for the month – Miss Pragya Khanal – believes hard work is the key to success. As an assistant Sales and Marketing Manager at Ramada Encore by Wyndham, Kathmandu and Dahlia Boutique Hotel, Pokhara, Miss Khanal pursued higher secondary and undergraduate in Hotel Management and later completed MBA – Entrepreneurship with King’s College.  For someone who always has a heart for standing out in the crowd, she finds fitting in too mainstream and always makes a conscious effort to show up and stand out irrespective of the circumstances. 

Pragya was never a mischievous kid; rather always focused on her goals and wanted to be a pilot. The dream of becoming a pilot soon changed into pursuing a career in the hospitality field as Miss Khanal would always observe the actions and behavior of waiters in the hotels and places like KFC. Pragya, being born in a joint family, linked hospitality with discipline. Almost always starting her day with a Bhajan, Pragya is a food lover who gets “weirdly mixed” YouTube recommendations ranging from soothing music to customer service related videos. 

With a career that requires extreme patience, Miss Khanal believes having the ability to empathize is extremely crucial. She believes that a dash of luck is important but usually, hard work always shines brighter. As her work is all about  fluctuations and predictions, she says that the business has been more about what to do in a crisis so that they can outshine. Setting milestones is extremely important for Pragya and work has always been her priority.

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