Featured Alumni – Nov 2022 – Biplav Shrestha

Biplav Shrestha

Digital Marketing Executive – Renegade Insurance

Biplav is currently working as a DME (Digital Marketing Executive) at Renegade Insurance (a technology-driven insurance brokerage in the US). His primary roles comprise managing aspects of digital marketing, content and copywriting, SEO, and social media branding for the company. 

With almost ten years of professional working experience, his field of expertise includes working as a marketing & distribution head for a publication house (SAFU), social media manager for a leading eCommerce business (Sasto Deal), content contributor, and event organizer. Biplav has also contributed to notable national publications like ECS Media, Smart Family Magazine, and Shine.  

He was also on the global art initiative Micro Galleries’s core team in 2018. Picking up photography as a hobby in 2019, Biplav has since had his works published in two published Photo Zines and has acted as the lead photographer for two art exhibitions.       

He graduated with an MBA in Marketing from King’s College in 2020 with the distinction of “Cum Laude.” 

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