Featured alumni - Nirajan Mahato

Nirajan Mahato

Critical Care Engineer – Getinge Products

A GPA of 3.93, yes, but what more does our December alumnus Nirajan Mahato have? Well,
what can be more beautiful than the passion of making an impact by saving lives? And, for the
same pursuit, he kept on striving to climb a number of ladders, both academic and professional.
So, let’s dig in?

Mahato is a Critical Care Engineer who completed his Bachelors in Electronics and
Communication Engineering from Pulchowk Campus and joined Medical Device Industry soon
as he graduated. The drive of always getting out of a cocoon made him parallelly get into
handling the business communication for a company. In like manner, he has completed his
MBA specializing in Technology and Innovation from King’s College, Nepal. Adding yet another
shiny feather to his hat, he also received SEAS Dean Scholarship Award to purse his second
master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from The George Washington University in
Washington DC, United States.

He operated the business of a Swedish Company called “Getinge” for its distributor in Nepal
and is also a certified qualified engineer who handled the products in the ICU’S, Operating
Theaters in different major hospitals of Nepal like Sahid Gangalal National Heart Center,
Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Civil Service Hospital and Manmohan Cardiothoracic
Vascular and Transplant Center for almost four and half years. In the company, he was involved
in handling business communication, building marketing strategies, brands, execution of
marketing plans, troubleshooting and installation of medical devices, providing clinical
application training to medical professionals like doctors, biomedical engineers, and nurses in
the hospital to operate the devices for best patient healthcare outcomes.

At such a young age, he had the privilege to travel around the globe in almost 22 countries in
Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America, East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia to attend
different technical trainings, business meetings, and got the opportunity to understand the
business practices, healthcare facilities and research opportunities in Medical Device Industry.
He also has a zeal to bring the best healthcare practices in Nepal Introducing the latest
innovative medical devices in the country.

Further, he shares that his last two years of continuous study, research and learning while
doing MBA in Technology and Innovation at King’s College added to his persona of dedication in
business at personal and professional level along with enhancing his engineering skills.
Now, after completing his second Master’s from George Washington University, he is willing to
work back in the Medical Device Company in research and development contributing to the
healthcare. He also has his plans to establish his own company and serve his country after
gaining certain years of experience in the United States without forsaking his love for
photography and travel.

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