Featured alumni – Gayatri Sharma

Gayatri Sharma

Ms Gayatri Sharma is the founder and owner of Mira’s Home, the first vacation rental business in Nepal and the director of Slices Pizza, a pizzeria that specializes in healthy whole wheat pizzas. She is currently also employed full time at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector wing of the World Bank Group.

Convinced that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to development and prosperity in the country, Ms Sharma completed her MBA in entrepreneurship from King’s College in 2019. She believes in empowering people to help themselves by providing them with opportunities that can transform their lives. Therefore, the businesses she owns are always centered as much on the people running them as they are on their customers.

Ms Sharma hopes that Nepal’s entrepreneurial boom will allow many people to achieve their dreams but cautions everyone to think twice before deciding to become an entrepreneur. She maintains that entrepreneurial journeys are mostly lonely, challenging and frustrating, and the immense sense of happiness and satisfaction often associated with being successful are fewer and farther between than most aspirants imagine.

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