Featured alumni – Deepak Ratna Tuladhar

Deepak Ratna Tuladhar

Deepak Ratna Tuladhar is a multi faceted professional who did his MBA-Agribusiness with a GPA of 4 from King’s College. He also has a degree in HRM from University of West London. He worked as a research fellow for Ministry of Agriculture on Improving Supply Chain of Local Products to Markets where he made policy recommendations of need for structural supply chain of local level produce with formalisation and formalisation structure of key stakeholders.

He worked with Ministry of Agriculture, District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), FNCCI and SME’s on private sector actor strengthening, Business to Business (B2B) development, producer group strengthening, investment-financial analysis & value chain financing (access to finance). He also worked with various actors in value chain and arranged a B2B relationship between them and rural farmers of Nepal to create a win-win situation.

As a certified Accounting technician (CAT, UK), he is authorised to guide financial co-operatives on financial management. A proven facilitator trainer and capacity builder on entrepreneurship with good knowledge on RSRF by NRB, his level of dedication for the work and core functional goal of any organisation can be reflected from his passion to ensure the structural development of agriculture and agribusiness in Nepal.

Ever since his return to Nepal, he has indulged himself into the agriculture ecosystem, first as an entrepreneur, then as a researcher, consultant, CEO and then in operations. He had the privilege to travel around the country understanding the socio-economic status and local and rural production and traditional production/business practices. He has had the privilege to work closely with in MOALD in agriculture supply chain issue and policy recommendation. Having travelled around various countries adds to his process thinking be it in production, processing or management.

Further, he shares that his last two years of continuous research, study and learning while doing MBA Agribusiness at King’s College added to his persona of dedication in agribusinessat personal level, and in agricultural extension at professional level. He believes in AIS (Agriculture Innovation Systems) and interventions in the parameters of such collaborative approach. He would like to identify that with years of experience in different agencies/organisations – private/public/academic, his competencies in documentation, reporting, projections, planning and timekeeping have excelled in alignment. Creating change and innovating business practice excite him.

He has been an adjunct faculty for the subjects English (Ecuadorian Consulate in London), Business Communication, Enterprise Management and Critical Thinking in Management in business schools based in Kathmandu. He has been to almost all the major districts in the west, Rukum, Rolpa, Salyan, Surkhet, Jajarkot and Dang where he conducted indepth analysis of marketable products, commercial viabilities and structured around potential traning and development programmes required by small businesses in those locations.

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