Featured alumni – Angel Paudel

Angel Paudel

Angel Paudel is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Tyro Soft Pvt. Ltd., a parent company overseeing the operations of Tyrcity.com, and Babal.Host. He started his entrepreneurial journey in his teenage with an educational website to solve the problem he and his friends faced. That solution resonated with many others, resulting in it growing to be later known as TyroCity.com and helping over 12 million learners to date. The enterprise envisions a disruptive change in learning methodology through active engagement, discussions, providing reliable information and assisting students, right at their fingertips.

The knowledge he gained during his time doing MBA-Entrepreneurship at King’s College and professional experience at ICIMOD helped him build another venture in Babal.Host, which provides premium website hosting services to individuals and organizations alike.

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