Featured alumni – Abhisekh Maskey

Abhisekh Maskey

You can call yourself skillful only when you can turn complicated ideas and notions into something so simple that a 12-year-old could understand it and a person with 12 years of experience would still not get bored. Following this particular theory in life, our featured alumnus for this month was also the Brand and Relationship Officer (BRO) of King’s – Abhisekh Maskey. Before being the BRO of King’s, Abhisekh was ‘the finance guy’ working in an NGO, the multi-tasking Ninja working as a Project Manager for an art project as well as the Head of Marketing at a startup.
Abhisekh Maskey as an MBA student at King’s was the lifeline of amazing presentations and crazy ideas. One of these crazy ideas was Abhisekh co-founding Empowerment Academy (EA) with Umes Dai and well, the rest is history. EA has a glorious and Babal history of more than 300 different workshops (and counting), all over Nepal, focusing primarily on the 5 Cs as Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity, and the fifth one being ‘Cool as Hell’. One of the fan-favorites and the much beloved brainchild of Abhishek and Umes Dai – Why PPT Sucks, also made its way to the Nepal Police Headquarters (yes, the actual Nepal Police), and traveled overseas to Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland.
Between all the merrymaking of awesome memories, Abhishek is also one of the most popular faculties at King’s and was also a Lab Master at DoLAB. He is now the Brand Marketing Manager at Coca Cola.
Need we even justify why he holds the King’s BABAL award?
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