Featured alumni – Aarif Rauf

Aarif Rauf

Aarif is an emerging singer and is very passionate about music. He made it to the top 4 finalists of the reputed singing reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal’ and is planning to pursue his career in the music industry. He had started learning music at a very early age and had participated in a few music competitions as well. For him, music is the expression of feelings. The tune and the melodies have always been a beautiful part of his journey. Being an aspiring singer and songwriter, Aarif has received plenty of offers for playback singing in Nepali movies after his tie-up with Radio Nagarik.

As Aarif recalls, initially he was not completely sure about pursuing an MBA from King’s College or how it is going to affect him. However, after successful completion of his degree, he now acknowledges the sharing from the teachers about their experiences, work-ethics, passion and determination as being the motivation behind his pursuit towards his passion.

Besides his music career, he also works as a part-time lecturer at KFA Business School and full-time as proprietor, in the Railing Construction business of his dad. On asking him about how he manages time for music, he shares, “If you’re really passionate about something, you automatically get some time for it.”

Motivating youngsters to pursue their dream, he remarks, “I guess what I learned was that no matter what job we do if we follow our passion side by side, no matter where we reach or what we achieve, a key of satisfaction, motivation and bigger self-esteem is always there.”

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