Chittaranjan Pandey

Chittaranjan Pandey

Assistant Professor/Head – Center for Research and Development


Academic Facilitator- Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics and Lead Faculty- Human Geography, Linear Algebra, Human Development

Chittaranjan Pandey is a dedicated researcher, accomplished academician, and seasoned data analyst with over a decade of experience. His expertise lies in the realm of economics, investment, and data-driven decision-making. With a deep passion for research, Chittaranjan has been actively engaged in shaping educational courses, conducting impactful studies, and contributing to policy development.

Chittaranjan has held significant roles in academia and research, including being a Course Designer for the BBA program in Investment and Economics and teaching various economics courses at King’s College, Nepal. His proficiency extends to economic evaluation models such as Cost Benefit Analysis and Cost Effectiveness Analysis.

In the field of research, Chittaranjan has collaborated on diverse projects, from municipal-level infrastructure monitoring to empowering disadvantaged rural communities. His role as a Co-researcher for historical settlements policy and women’s entrepreneurial environment showcases his commitment to societal progress.

With a strong educational background, Chittaranjan is pursuing a Ph.D. in Governance and Development from the Graduate School of Public Administration, NIDA, Bangkok. His research focuses on public expenditure in education, employing advanced analytical methods like Multiple Regression Analysis and Panel Data Regression.

Beyond academia, Chittaranjan’s analytical prowess is evident through his proficient use of tools like SPSS, STATA, and MS Office. His insightful research contributions have been published in esteemed journals and he has authored reports addressing topics ranging from economic policies to disaster governance.

Overall, Mr. Pandey is a multifaceted professional who combines academic excellence, analytical acumen, and a genuine commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering positive change.

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