Office of Safe & Respectable Learning

The Office of Safe and Respectable Learning (OSRL) was established with a vision to prevent harassment and discrimination, and to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice at King’s College, thereby, creating a safe and respectable learning space for all students, staff and faculty members. OSRL is dedicated to creating a campus culture where our members can pursue their academic, professional, and social activities without fear and intimidation, and with dignity and respect.







OSRL works towards:

  • Developing policies, programs, and procedures to prevent harassment and discrimination, track impunity, take disciplinary actions against perpetrators, extend necessary support to victims and survivors, and protect victims, survivors, whistleblowers, and watchdogs.
  • Developing programs and resources to aware and educate our community members.
  • Engaging in research to monitor diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice within the community, and to evaluate OSRL’s impact, developing evidence-based interventions.

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What we offer

Education and Awareness

Grievance Handling

Research and Evaluation

Policy Development and Implementation

Our team

Sushant Rijal

Head, King’s Incubator/ Coordinator, MBA Entrepreneurship / Member, OSRL

Bhawana Shrestha

Assistant Professor / Co-founder – My Emotions Matter

Swechhya Rajbhandary

Project Coordinator and Facilitator – Demola/ Member – OSRL

Sujan Dangal

Faculty / Researcher – CERAD/ Member, OSRL

Smriti Karanjit

Assistant Professor/ Head of Student Development

Kaushal Sapkota

Designer/Director of the MBA Nonprofit Program at King’s College

Past projects

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Catching up with OSRL

OSRL @ King’s has been working to create a safe, respectable, diverse and equitable learning