Neelah’s experience during the Socialization Trip to Pokhara

A trip with friends was something I always wanted to experience and the socialization trip organized by Kings’ College made me experience it. Even though this was a college socialization trip, I got the opportunity to spend time with my new friends, learn more about them and have a really fun and great time with them. Isha, Ujen, Saurav, Lokesh, Divij, Reeja, Anusha, Shreya, Punit, Pratyush and Rishav ; because of these people the trip was so much more memorable and I feel very lucky to even call these amazing bunch of people as my friends. In a span of such a short time, we all have such a strong bond and I really appreciate them so much. 

The socialization trip as our college conducted for the new batch of students was for us to get to know more people beyond of our classes. I have to agree that it was much needed because there were so many people that we didn’t know and the trip made me meet more amazing people. As for me writing this blog, rather than explaining each day as a whole I wanted to write about my experience in brief. 

As we all know a trip starts when we get into the bus and start our journey. The bus trip was a mix of craziness and fun but also quiet and boring. The music playing loudly from the speakers and all of us singing it with so much passion made it real fun but the tiredness it brought after made all of us sleepy. We reached Pokhara after a really long bus ride. The city was pouring heavily and I was quite sad because I don’t like rain. From playing Uno and other card games in one room to roaming around the city and having fun I the amusement park at night, that day was so much fun and the first time I realized that I really love spending time with these people and am grateful to have them in my life. 

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The next morning, having fun and getting to know others other than my friends during the college socialization program was also a really interesting part. While being with friends getting into a small accident also was not painful and terrifying because I got to see a caring and worried side of them. I got to know that they really care for me and will be there for me when I need them. Then going for a ride in the rain as a gang was something I never thought I would get to experience. It was such a surreal feeling. Going inside a club for the first time in my life and roaming around the city past midnight was something I really wanted to experience. Taking care of my drunk friends was something I didn’t think I’d have to do in this trip not that I’m complaining. It was a really funny but scary to see them not being in their senses. 

In a blink of an eye, the day arrived where I had to return back to our day to day lives and say goodbye to the interesting world and time that I was able to experience. The bus ride home was really quiet and tiring. All of us were either sleep deprived or had hangover from last night’s fun. The whole journey in the bus ended with me sleeping most of the time. Nonetheless, this was the best trip that I ever had. I really appreciate and admire my friends and the people I got to know during this trip. Without my friends, I would never be able to go out of my comfort zone and enjoy the outer life and have such a great time. 


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