National Speaking Championship 2018 Concludes

Public speaking and presentation skills are considered as the integral communication skills that learners of 21st century are expected to develop during their college days. And in order to increase their chances during their college placement, higher studies, and even entrepreneurial undertakings. These skills – specifically speaking and presentation skills, are even more important for students to share their ideas, persuade others, and make an impact in the society.
To recognize and promote this skill, Empowerment Academy held the National Speaking Championship over six weeks between February and March. The Championship included a set of three workshops on Content, Design and Delivery followed by three rounds for the near 100 participants competing for the title. Radip Tandukar won the title having competed against the top ten finalists.
Aprajita Jha – one of King’s own students was among the top ten and delivered one of the best presentations in the final round of the Championship, talking about finding her passion after not being able to join an MBBS program. She won the position of second runner up in the championship.
You can watch her presentation here:


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