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Mentorship Pathway Initiates Readers’ Circle

Mentorship Pathway, an initiative at King’s college, has inaugurated a new program called Readers’ Circle. The program has been designed to cultivate habit of reading, followed by learned-sharing and critical thinking. Readers’ Circle helps participants to work and develop their articulatory skills. Students will also learn to build perspective and work upon collaborative skills.
This platform is open to students and faculty members or people of other backgrounds from both inside and outside of the college. Lakshmi Paudyal, a student who has recently passed SEE, shares her experience and says,”Participants at Readers’ Circle have different ideas to put forward. This platform provides every one of us to express and we could learn a lot from each other”. The sessions will run every week as participants can attend any one of the weekly sessions. Since there are only 10 seats available, participants are required to inform prior to this weekly event. New comers can notify their presence by going to the event, created on Mentorship Pathway’s facebook page, and by filling up the form in the link attached to the page.
Contact persons for this program are Miss Bhawana Shrestha, Mr. Sagar Satyal, and Miss Aprajita Jha. The sessions are carried-out every Sunday from 1 to 2:30 P.M. in Room 505 on fifth floor.


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