Co-Founder, My Emotions Matter

Having represented Nepal in South Africa in 2013 at the CIMA Global Business Challenge, Sagar Satyal knew he wanted to work in education upon realizing the gulf between Nepal and the rest of the 23 other participating countries. When the 2015 earthquake turned his life upside down, he was forced to reflect on the shortness of life and what really matters in the end. A self-directed learner, he was drawn to the concept of Emotional Intelligence. It dawned on him that despite being labelled a ‘topper’ by family and friends alike all throughout his life, the most important skills of Emotional Intelligence were non-existent throughout his formal education years. Transforming his personal suffering into meaning, he has been on a redemptive journey of designing and facilitating self-reflective learning experiences to cultivate the superpower of Emotional Intelligence, subsequently leading to the inception of My Emotions Matter in 2018. Sagar has delivered sessions for graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education and also at Institute of Development Studies, the UK sharing his experience of working in social-emotional learning in the context of Nepal. He has served as a columnist in the Himalayan Times Perspectives, a leading national newspaper in Nepal and runs a blog at, where he shares ideas of living a simple yet meaningful life.