Pushpa studied MBA Entrepreneurship from King’s College. As a student of Entrepreneurship, she started out with a class project and turned it into a viable business model. She has always been enthusiastic and joined the college with the intention of ‘finding herself’ and where her interest lies so that she can start up with a company where she can work, grow and learn. This is how and where she stared ‘Upcycle Nepal – Revive’.

Revive recycles, reuses and upcycles old clothes to minimize land pollution and works on adding value to discarded products. The objective of this idea is to upcycle, recycle or reuse old clothes especially focusing on the customers’ own clothes to make new products and sell those in the market at a reasonable price which would otherwise have been dumped in the landfill. It is also working to convert used clothes into thread and into cotton which is a very wanted product these days. The initiation taken by Pushpa and her team is commendable and we wish her the best for further growth.