Assistant Professor, King's College; Co-founder, My Emotions Matter
Ph.D. candidate of Educational Leadership at Kathmandu University, Bhawana Shrestha, started her career as a journalist at 17 in pursuit of social change. She later switched careers to serve 3 years in rural Nepal through the Teach for Nepal fellowship. Having realized that students don’t learn just because the teacher is well prepared to take the class, she joined as a faculty for undergrads to see if emotions still had the same impact on them too. Having realized a deficiency of emotional intelligence in students, she conducted her M.Phil. Research on 200 students to measure the state of emotional intelligence in Nepal. The findings led her to start My Emotions Matter as a solution to the problems she had experienced throughout her journey. She is an alumna of ‘Living Through Lived Experience’ fellow of Teach for All and was also one among 1,000 professional learning leaders to help pilot TED its program in 2019, hosted by Head of TED Chris Anderson. A redemptive storyteller, Bhawana believes in living a meaningful life and is fond of poetry.