Brand Marketing Manager
Abhisekh Maskey had joined King’s College as a Brand and Relationship Officer (BRO) while also pursuing his MBA in 2015. He had started his career with his first job as a Finance Officer at an NGO in 2012. He also worked as a Program Coordinator for an art project in 2013, and then at a startup as the Head of Marketing the same year.
At King’s College, he had also co-founded Empowerment Academy (EA) with Umes Shrestha in 2016. With more than 300 workshops all around Nepal, the most popular one, as Abhisekh mentions, was called ‘Why PPT Sucks’ (a presentation workshop which reached Nepal Police and Abhisekh also got a chance to do a portion of it at Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland). The workshops they did focused on communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
Besides, he also taught subjects like Marketing Management, Branding, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, and Entrepreneurship, and was known as one of the ‘coolest’ teachers at King’s. He also became the Lab Master for Do Lab, King’s College. He fondly recalls one of his fun memories at King’s when he received an award called the ‘King’s Babal Award’ during his graduation ceremony.
He joined Coca-Cola Nepal as the Brand Marketing Manager in 2019 and is continuing his journey of awesomeness with much grace and dignity.