MBA Agribusiness

MBA Agribusiness

According to the International Labour Organization, agriculture provides livelihoods for 68 percent of Nepal’s population, accounting for 34 percent of the GDP. Nepal government is emphasizing commercializing agricultural production.

Agriculture has a tremendous potential in Nepal and Nepal needs professionals who can contribute to agribusiness revolution. This MBA –Agribusiness program is a response to this growing need of professionals. The basic objective of this course is to create a platform to motivate and provide systematic guidance to the students to realize their dreams as agri-preneurs.

MBA Non-Profit Management

Nonprofit organizations function to achieve missions that serve the common good. Nepal’s nonprofit sector has an immense potential to make significant contributions in the country’s development. It can help in ensuring access to clean water, improving health care and sanitation, and expanding educational opportunities. This all can be achieved if the leaders of the non-profit organization can learn and confidently face the challenges brought by the rapidly changing landscape of the nonprofit sector.

The MBA in nonprofit management from Westcliff University will prepare students with key skills in community engagement, fundraising, governance and volunteer requirement to make a difference in the society. Navigating the nonprofit environment is of tremendous value to the students.

MBA Non-Profit
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A two-year program that prepares students for careers in business management and leadership in both the private and public sectors. It provides the students with a solid, comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of business, the global environment in which they will function, the analytical tools for intelligent decision-making opportunity to gain further functional expertise through specialization courses. The MBA program will provide students and professionals the knowledge and skillset to

  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate the knowledge acquired through research and apply it to practical business situations
  • Integrate formal academic learning with individual business experience so that meaningful personalized learning takes place;
  • Think analytically and globally within a business environment; and
  • Develop a motivation for and appreciate the wisdom of acquiring lifelong learning.

MBA Entrepreneurship

As the pioneer in offering MBA Entrepreneurship degree in Nepal, King’s College believes that entrepreneurship is the key to unlock the vast potential of the resources that Nepal has to offer.  During the program, students will be exposed to various issues faced by a venture starting from pre-venture, start-up to growth, and maturity. In addition, students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and well-rounded skillset that is highly valued in established corporations also.

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