In this program, students will evaluate the theories and practices related to the startup, development, and management of a new business, product, or service. Students will explore entrepreneurial attributes while discovering the practical knowledge, strategy, and skills needed to create a viable business plan. Students learn how to create a plan that attracts financial and leadership support by internal and external stakeholders needed to achieve success.

Program Objective

The program will help the students develop the skills required to evaluate business opportunities, create new ventures, and foster innovation. Additionally, it will hone their problem-solving and decision-making skills and explore the differences between managing start-ups versus large organizations. Analyze organizational development theories and change models currently being employed in organizations.

Students will explore the practical knowledge, strategy, and skills needed to plan for the legal issues, marketing, and the basic four functions of management involved in a new business, product, or service launch. Students will practice, in a team environment, all the initial steps involved in the entrepreneurial process to achieve success.

Students will learn about the basic four functions of management as they apply to the small business environment. They will learn the strategies and processes that small businesses employ to manage for success in today’s environment. Nonprofit and for-profit small businesses will be examined. Students will apply strategies and practices through a virtual practicum to a startup business. Decision making and adaptability in the small business environment will be stressed.

Who Can Register?

  • Entrepreneurs, family business successors, and professionals who want compact yet comprehensive managerial skills.
  • Motivated mid-career executives with records of achieving results and ready to take the next step in their careers as entrepreneurs or corporate entrepreneurs.
  • Business professionals from backgrounds such as; marketing, operations, law, human resources, IT and consultancy who are ready to expand their skill set.


Minimum of 3 years’ Bachelors Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 3 years relevant business/ managerial/supervisory experience. It is mandatory to produce documentary evidence of work experience.


2 years.


Candidates successfully completing the program will be awarded a degree in Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship.

Course Requirements (60 credits)

Course Number Credits Course Title
BUS 500 3 Organizational Leadership
BUS 540 3 Organizational Behavior
BUS 510 3 Marketing Management
BUS 505 3 Managerial Economics
BUS 530 3 Managing Information Systems & Technology
BUS 535 3 Managerial Accounting
BUS 550 3 Financial Management
BUS 525 3 Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy
BUS 557 3 Applied Methods Capstone
BUS 651 3 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
BUS 612 3 Market Research
BUS 630 3 International Business
BUS 600 3 Managerial Communication
BUS 621 3 Entrepreneurial Finance
BUS 652 3 Entrepreneurial Marketing
BUS 603 3 Sales Management
BUS 610 3 Consumer Behavior
BUS 641 3 Leading Strategic Change within Organization
BUS 640 3 Managerial Decision Making
BUS 611 3 Electronic Commerce Marketing Management
BUS 559 0 Internship