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The Learning, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) provides a platform for learners to explore and acquire the skills necessary to start and sustain technologically driven business in the 21st century. LITE takes a broad view of what these skills include and thus is a collaborative effort between 4 innovative and foreward thinking organizations that bring different expertise. LITE is a joint effort between a higher education institution (King’s College), a digital fabrication specialist (FabLab Nepal), a Technology company (YIPL), and a social enterprise focused on catalysing innovation in education (Karkhana). Though administratively housed at King’s College the LITE is a distributed lab that allows learners to access the skills, human resources and tools of any of the 4 organizations to maximize their learning.

At LITE we practice what we preach. Since we preach using lean launches and rapidly iterative models to create transformative enterprises we have started with our own Minimum Viable Product, a series of workshops and programs that teach critical skills while tapping into the expertise of our constituent organizations. 

We are thinking big, starting small, and ready to learn fast. So, let’s get going!

These are the styles, values, approaches that will be present in most, if not all of our workshops and offerings:

  • Learning by doing: Will be hands-on and practical.
  • Diverse group of participants – interdisciplinary teams: Invite participants from Engineering, Arts/Design, Business, Social Work etc. 
  • Facilitated and participatory learning: rather than lecture based
  • Focuses on creating actual things and objects as the final product. 
  • Portfolio based assessment: Assessment designed to make and create tangible things as far as possible. 
  • Serves lifelong learning needs, not just early career/pre-career students
  • Provide targeted feedback as facilitators to showcase/document of growth and learning. Bundled as a portfolio, digital story, etc. highlighting iteration process

The LITE Consortium