Kritishma Karki at Insight (session 6)

Kritishma Karki at the 6th edition of Insight

By Pujan Siwakoti

When the sun sets, does it mean we are never going to feel the warmth of the rays again? When the moon blends with the dark black sky, does that mean it will never shine again? When we fall down, does that mean we will never get up again? How would you define fearlessness? Jumping in front of a hungry Tiger in a full fledge over confidence or picking yourself up when you fall and lending a hand to pick the fallen others? “Samaj sewa” – social service: Often looked upon as an obligation, doing social service and building an enterprise out of it is not mere a hand of pity but a hand of collaboration, creation, and humanity. The essence of becoming a human – Empathy and understanding.
The sixth edtition of Insight: Stories of Doers being a monthly program at King’s College provides a platform for students to get a glimpse of the professional world with a viewpoint of the experts, was organized on the 26th of March, 2019. The program featured Ms. Kritishma Karki one of the Founders and Executive Director of SAATH, a non-government organization working in Nepal for the advocacy, human rights and capacity building of marginalized youth, women, and children. She is also the founder of Daanfe which works for and with marginalized women affected by the 2015 earthquake all over NEPAL.
Ms. Karki shared her story about how SAATH was started as a small project to support women and children living with HIV & AIDS and how with the Team’s passion and dedication, SAATH became able to mark its presence in the community today. The immense success of project motivated the team to further explore in the social change working with issues related to HIV and AIDS, Drug Use, Child Rights, LGBTQ and elderly. She believes not just in helping people but to make them capable enough so that they can help themselves. When asked the question, “What do you think is ‘social’ in social enterprise”, Ms. Karki replied, “Being social is about helping people out and creating a path for them so that they can do the same to someone else.” She also mentioned that for any organization to work properly a good and strong foundation of team and team work is required.
In her concluding remarks, Ms. Karki told that the key to success is not just hard work and talent but a passion, a fire to do something, and consistency along with an individual being a team player and working end to end with the team not ahead not behind. It is said it’s not about the destination but about the journey. When you are in the field of social work, it’s not just about the journey but also paving a way along your ride; a way of love, kindness, and collaboration.


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