Student Interaction at King's College

King’s Students Attend Interaction Program with Westcliff Unversitiy’s Dean

This morning a group of BBA and MBA students took part in a small interaction program. Dean of Westcliff University Dr. David C. McKinney got involved with our students in knowing their experiences being a part of this community and this system.
Dr. McKinney took time to address students’ concerns and suggested necessary solutions. A MBA student Shiv Kadel expressed his opinion to David on whether it would be feasible to interact with international students or not. He said,” It will be helpful if we get a chance interact with international student of Westcliff as we can learn their way of generating and expressing ideas.” David responded with a note,” The interaction is, of course, important. And whether these ideas are yours or you have learned it from others, one should just express themselves without any hesitations.”
Similarly, Sushant Rijal of MBA said,” I like this system because I can freely express my ideas. Other universities of Nepal restrict students in doing so. We can easily access Jstor, Google Scholar, and other Journal search engined for research based learning.” Another MBA student, Deekshya Sharma, mentioned,”This new system has essentially helped me know about time management and also, we are getting to know learn about many topics both internationally and nationally”.
Some BBA students said they were happy with facilities provided by King’s, both course wise and ECA wise. Azad Rana, a BBA Student, presented an idea of Student Exchange Program to the University Dean. Dr. David acknowledged this awesome idea and noted to work on it.  All in all, the interaction program ended in a positive note for improvement in student experiences at King’s in parallel with Westcliff’s system.


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