KFA Seminar

King’s Participates in Business Communication Seminar

Kathmandu Frontier’s Associates (KFA) Business School, situated in Baneshowr, Kathmandu organized Business Communication Seminar on July 31st, Monday. King’s students Abhisekh Maskey (MBA) and Satkar Karki (BBA) participated in the seminar to present their idea on the main theme in front various business colleges from inside the valley.
Abhisekh and Satkar presented on the topic ‘Unlearning Presentation’ in which they talked about different myths about presentation that limit creativity. The students received positive feedback from the audience in regards to their content and presentation style. Similarly, students of KFA Business School and Phoenix College also presented on new trends of business communication.
Kumar Shrestha, a faculty at KFA, said,” We organized the seminar to bring students of MBA and BBA in a single platform where they can share about various aspects of business communication”. KFA thanked all the participating students for sharing their ideas and for becoming part of the seminar.


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