King’s College Joins eBridge Alliance, Germany

King’s College, Nepal joined the eBridge Alliance – Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), Germany in October 2020.
The Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) with the Strascheg Center of Entrepreneurship (SCE) initiated the eBridge Alliance as an international collaboration between universities and incubators. The eBridge Alliance is a network of entrepreneurial universities committed to developing innovative and responsible entrepreneurs and companies. In the alliance, talents with innovative business ideas and a strong entrepreneurial mindset are given resources to further foster their business concepts and incubate them in ecosystems where they can thrive.
With the goal to nurture entrepreneurial thinking and action, the range of education and research programmes combine practical knowledge and personal development in an interdisciplinary setting. The programmes focus on innovation and start-ups through education and business start-up support measures.
The collaboration is aimed at establishing long-term, mutually beneficial programs to promote international opportunities for students and faculty with a focus on entrepreneurship, not excluding other collaboration areas. Also, both King’s College and SCE will carry out collaborative activities within the scope of project e-Bridge: Munich B2B Co-Creation Hub. They will also work on organizing joint events, platforms, conferences, seminars, symposiums, and talks.
Start-ups from King’s College: Sweetfix, Kala Kausha, Alpark, and Antidote have already got selected for the eBridge Sprint 2020/21. Their innovation process will continue from November 2020 until March 2021.

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With this collaboration, King’s College, Nepal is now a part of eBridge Alliance University network across Europe (Austria, Finland, Scotland, Portugal, Greece, and so on), the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, China, and Israel.

The list of members of eBridge Alliance:
● Australia, Melbourne: La Trobe University
● Beijing, China: Beijing Normal University
● Canada, Toronto: Ryerson University
● Israel, Be’er Sheva: Tech 7 -Negev Innovation
● Russia, St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg
Polytechnic State University
● USA, San Obispo: California Polytechnic State
● Nepal, Kathmandu: King’s College
● Austria, Vienna: FH Campus Wien
● Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo: International Burch
● Bulgaria, Varna: University of Economics
● Finland, Tampere: University of Applied Sciences Tampere
● Germany, Ismaning: University of Applied Management
● Germany, Munich; Munich University of Applied Sciences and
Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (Alliance Lead Partner)
● Greece, Athens: Athens University of Economics and
● Portugal, Aveiro: University of Aveiro
● Scotland , Edinburgh: Napier University


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