Insight Stories: Agribusiness Series- Challenges and Opportunities of Dairy Industry in Nepal (Post-COVID-19)

By Kiran Mainali, Program Development Associate, MBA Agribusiness

“Innovation and struggle are of paramount importance and can be regarded as pivotal forces that are clearly axiomatic in the life of an entrepreneur” were the words of the eminent personality Mr. Shyam Badan Yadav who was called to dispense his invaluable experience and voyage during the esteemed discussion of ‘Stories of Doers’ which was conducted on 9th October 2020, virtually by King’s College. Mr. Yadav, undoubtedly, has a remarkable contribution in the realm of the dairy sector in the country and has been a paragon of Social Entrepreneurship which has been slowly shaping its way in contemporary time. Mr. Yadav, after completing his MBA through a reputed university of Bangalore, and having all the technical skills to handle the ongoing pressing issues in the society, decided to instigate an expedition on his own. His expedition was supported by his well-wishers which currently have moulded into one of the largest dairy-product manufacturing units prevailing in the country and recognizes the avenues to further expand if managerial actions and measures are carried down scrupulously. 
The most aspiring phase in the life of Mr. Yadav was observed when he witnessed the woes and troubles encountered by a group of indigent community. He decided to assist them by rendering them with necessary livestock to continue their livelihood. As the speaker for the day, Mr. Yadav made us aware about his journey of how his initiation to make a social impact by providing cows during the inception of his entrepreneurial journey had transformed him to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the dairy industry, bagging different esteemed laurels from private and public sectors. Currently, he is operating 3 different enterprises (Kalash Milk Industries, Kalash Cattles, and Kalash Retail Outlet) and has been on a successful run even at times of adversities. Mr. Yadav’s intention is to have proper tenacity in all major facets of the value chain of the dairy industry, and enterprise a successful dairy venture which would be a trend-setter to uplift and promulgate the vastness of dairy flourishment in the country.
The initiative embraced by Yadav during his early days has been fulfilling the larger share of pertaining needs of national milk consumption and have been providing employment opportunities to nearly 70-80 staff members, along with the community enhancement of the individuals struck with destituteness. Mr. Yadav also informed the participants regarding the endless possibilities and probabilities lying in the dairy sector as the country is still running in deficient to fulfill the basic milk requirements of the country. However, he also rightly pointed to the fact that for the dairy sector to enhance its bandwidth all across the country, the public and private coalition and partnership are imperative. Proper monitoring from the public sectors along with the right set of policy drafting is the possible way forward to bring radical changes in the dairy sector availing all major stakeholders interlinked within the field.
Reflecting on the dreaded impact induced by the COVID-19 on the dairy sector and his personal industry, he pointed out the fact that like other sectors, the spillovers have continued and largely whacked the dairy industry. Most of the employees, industry operators are panicked and are sorting out ways to extricate themselves from such an obnoxious situation. Businesses associated with the dairy sector were finding hard times to pay the interest rates charged on borrow from banking and financial institutions and even the wastages were copious which was a setback for the entire dairy ecosystem. Mr. Yadav was optimistic and with all positive vibrations explained that risk is inherited in every business, however it becomes the manager’s duties and responsibilities to navigate the firm through all risks and menaces confronting on their way during operational phases. Therefore, Yadav was assertive when he affirmed that the dairy sector would take a flip gradually and would again bloom if handled with cautions and vigilant approach.
At the end of the session, Mr. Yadav conveyed some positive words for the participants where he specifically highlighted that hardship is imperative for success, however, it is not only the single force to alter the fortune. The managers need to constantly commit hard work and along with that identification of the possible opportunity with extended benefits and profits needs to be tracked down. Talking with the 15 years of experience he had accumulated working in the dairy-related sector, Mr. Yadav expressed that some of the possible challenges for the youths who are aspiring to involve in the dairy sectors would be in the line of acquiring financial capital and finding right-skilled manpower who have a similar vision as aligning with that of the entrepreneurs. However, amid all the chaos and vile scenarios prevailing in the dairy sector of Nepal, Mr. Yadav focussed more on the profitable aspect of the business and stimulated the energetic youths to get hitched to the dairy sector as the sector has a wide magnitude of expansion probabilities.


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