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Insight Series with Nidhaan Shrestha

By Subash Sharma
BBA Student
On April 27, 2020 we had a guest speaker session “Insight: Stories of Doers”. The sessions previously conducted in the college are being conducted virtually now, with the theme “Managing Innovation during Crisis”. The speaker of the session was Mr. Nidhaan Shrestha the CEO at Foodmandu and Investment Manager at True North Associates. This session was majorly focused on how a business should be able to manage and innovate things during the lockdown. As we all know that we are going through this horrific COVID-19 pandemic and are ordered by the government to stay at homes as much as possible, we were then given a chance to interact with Mr. Nidhaan Shrestha, through the Zoom app. The participation of student, faculty and moderator Ms. Sumira Shrestha was up to almost 67 of them. It indeed was a fruitful, yet an engaging session. As an current entrepreneur, it was really helpful for me, because me being from a business background and being the boss of two major companies under me, I got more insights of what I’ve learnt in the classes.
Mr. Nidhaan Shrestha spoke about many great things and have related it with so many world famous food apps such as Zomato and more. He also spoke about the safety measures used in the COVID-19 for Foodmandu and how much safe is it to deliver foods, even in this scariest stage. There were many other insightful things that he has spoken about and now I classify my reflections below in 3 major ways:
New Learnings?

  1. As Mr. Nidhaan spoke about many things, he was moreover empathizing on Automation, so this is the first thing I have learned about.
  2. As we were getting through the session, he was also focusing on the base of Zero-Inventory Model. This is the second thing I have learned in the session.
  3. The third thing I’ve got my new learning on, is about how he talked about Key Playing, Attrition and the Solutions to the Problems so that can be Monetized. These are the things I’ve got my new learnings into.

Learnings that changed me throughout the session?
The main learning, or “Takeaway” that changed me throughout the session not just as a student, but also as an entrepreneur, is that he addressed the session in a way that “Everything we do, we need to start from the basis and be in the ground zero.
Some things that reinforced and now I understand?
These are the things that have reinforced me and now I understand from this session:

  1. The Zero-Inventory Model, which was addressed earlier
  2. a team should be created in such a way that Enthusiasm arises every time and that of we, should be a Key Player in the team itself.
  3. And Automation, also which was addressed earlier, and also to top off my reflection, he spoke about more logistics, less staffs. so that it becomes efficient while working.



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